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Schöne Edelmetaal B.V.

A reliable partner in precious metals since 1739

Schöne Edelmetaal B.V. has been a household name in the world of precious metals since 1739. Having originally started out as inspectors of gold and silver at the Exchange Bank, we have grown into being the main supplier to the European mints. You could well say that we’ve got to where we are today by capitalising on our rich history. Which is something we’re very proud of! But we don’t just live in the past, we continue to go for gold, working our hardest each day to be the very best partner you can have. Since 2003 we’ve been doing that under the wing of Umicore.

The final word

When it comes down to it, the only thing that really matters is your experience working together with us. We therefore invite you to contact us to discuss how we can best be of service to you.

Thanks to Umicore...

We’re in a position of strength
Formerly a part of Degussa, Schöne Edelmetaal was taken under the wing of the worldwide Umicore (materials technology) Group in 2003. This heralded the start of a bright new future, with Umicore providing both the financial security of an international market leader and a longlasting commitment to precious metals. Umicore is also dedicated to using leading technology in order to serve both its customers and our shared environment as well as possible.

Umicore Group’s activity is focussed in four areas:

  • Energy materials (world leader in production of base materials for rechargeable batteries, solar cells and fuel cells)
  • Catalysts (world leader in production and recycling of automotive catalysts)
  • Recycling (world leader in recycling of precious metals)
  • Performance materials (world leader in high quality soldering and electroplating products)

Each of these four strategic pillars is organised into market-specific business enterprises. Amsterdam-based Schöne Edelmetaal B.V. is part of the “Jewellery and Industrial metals” enterprise (within the “Recycling” division), supplying the whole of the Benelux.

Materials for a better life

Our ambition is to create sustainable value through developing, producing and recycling materials in accordance with
Umicore’s  mission statement ‘Materials for a better life’. For us, this means sustainable production processes and perpetuation of the precious metal cycle. 

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The precious metal cycle

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)

Precious metals are a scarce commodity. So it’s vital we handle them as sustainably as possible. Preventing waste of these resources is just as important economically as it is ecologically. Our business is therefore designed to keep waste to a minimum, with us recycling the small amount of waste materials that are produced as we go along. Efficient and environmentally responsible working is of paramount importance to us. Which puts us in a perfect position for providing your company with sustainable solutions too.

The perpetual cycle of precious metal

We are involved through all phases of the perpetual precious metal cycle. For you, this means we can play a role in everything from production to recycling and all that happens in between. Let’s illustrate this cycle using gold as an example: gold ore is mined from the ground and purified into the gold we use. From the moment the pure gold is extracted, the perpetual cycle is underway.