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Ring blanks

We are able to supply ring blanks in a range of sizes, alloys and weights, which are a perfect base for you to quickly and efficiently manufacture your own jewellery. Our ring blanks are made of seamless tube and are delivered to you without inspection.

Because our ring blanks are available to order in the sizes of your choosing, delivery time is typically ten working days.

Our ring blanks are available in

  • 14 carat yellow and white gold (Mn or Pd) and red or rose gold
  • 18 carat yellow and white gold (Pd) and red or rose gold
  • 950 / platinum
  • 990 / gold
  • 917 / gold
  • 950 / palladium
  • 935 / silver
  • Titanium
  • Steel

Order online (Dutch only)

Eternity rings

Alliance rings are commonly used as wedding, relationship or friendship rings. These are available in a broad range of choices, giving plenty of options for the amount of stones and different shapes set in them. Alliance rings can be supplied in 14 and 18 carat yellow and white gold and in platinum.