Schone Edelmetaal BV will be closed starting monday March 23rd for:

  • Physical delivery
  • Physical pick-up

Deliveries and transfers can still take place only through Mikropakket.

Metal prices

The prices for precious metals shown on this website are based on international bid/ask prices in eur/kg. These are normally updated twice a day, though more often when the market is showing large fluctuations. Prices shown can vary enormously, sometimes changing dramatically within minutes. However, these are purely statistical and should be considered as indicative only and non-binding. No rights can be derived from them. For the latest prices, please contact our trading department.

All prices

Price ultimo 2018

AU buy 34810 eur/kg

AU sell 35810 eur/kg

AG buy 388 eur/kg

AG sell 433 eur/kg

Our bars and plates

Schöne Edelmetaal B.V. has been a household name in the world of precious metals since 1739. Having originally started out as inspectors of gold and silver at the Exchange Bank, we have grown into being the main supplier to the European mints.