The precious metal cycle

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)

Precious metals are a scarce commodity. So it’s vital we handle them as sustainably as possible. Preventing waste of these resources is just as important economically as it is ecologically. Our business is therefore designed to keep waste to a minimum, with us recycling the small amount of waste materials that are produced as we go along. Efficient and environmentally responsible working is of paramount importance to us. Which puts us in a perfect position for providing your company with sustainable solutions too.

The perpetual cycle of precious metal

We are involved through all phases of the perpetual precious metal cycle. For you, this means we can play a role in everything from production to recycling and all that happens in between. Let’s illustrate this cycle using gold as an example: gold ore is mined from the ground and purified into the gold we use. From the moment the pure gold is extracted, the perpetual cycle is underway.